July 2015:

Hi we just wanted say Thank You for an awesome job on our socks. They are great and we LOVE them. We were so surprised to see them individually package!  What a nice touch. It will be so much nicer to give to our clients.  We will definitely order from you again.  Linda and Johnny Black, Bikeandcruise.com.   Check us out!

September 2014:

I just got the socks and I want to say thank you for the magnificent job you done. Hope we can do some work in the future. Once again thank you and enjoy your day 

April 2014:

We did get them yesterday.  Thank you so much for the quick service and fast shipping!!!  We really love the socks!!!

and fast shipping!!!  We really love the socks!!!

February  2014:

just picked up four pairs for a good friend of mine. My kids like them, too, and are always stealing them!

Hi, guys! I’m on my second round of your cycling socks. Love them! I wear them every day.

Thanks for a great product. I love the quality and having a bit of footwear flare.

January  2014: 

Nice! I’m sure I will want to add a few more pairs to the dozen+ NLZ socks in my drawer. Did I mention you need to stop making them so well? They last forever! (And hence don’t need replacing very often…;-)


December 2013: 

I’m sorry this comes at such a delay but I wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you guys did on my socks.  I love them!!  Thanks for your constant communication and hard work.

November 2013: 

We LOVE the socks so much!!!!  Thank you!!  We can’t wait to have more made.  We definitely want to do this design with different color ways and our designer is working on new designs right now.  We can’t thank you enough :).


September 2013: 

They are awesome socks, especially for cyclists. J

I look forward to ordering several pairs for my riding buddies as gifts.




August 2013 Just a friendly hello, & letting ya know I received the socks. Wow, def impressed with the quality. I got a pair of some Specialized crew length. Anyway, they feel like sandpaper compared yours.

Thanks Again

Shannon Metsker


August 2013 Hi Chris. Thank you so much for the customer-friendly solution. You make a great product, which is the reason I purchased from you again, and we will be sure to let our other MTB friends know. My neighbor and I run a Facebook page for riders in the Chino Hills area and we will definitely recommend you guys. I tend to take lots of pics of different things and your socks will definitely show-up on the page soon…


Anyway, thank you again. We will be in touch about any bulk order, if it materializes. Take care!

Best Regards,



August 2013 best because: they look good, I like the stretch, they breath great, they have the ability not to stink even after a 50 mile bike ride. Actually they almost never hold odor, how they do this i dont know but I like it.

Pat S


October 2012 First of all Thank You for getting back with me. That is great customer service, which is very important to me. I will surely be making another order and recommend your company to my friends. I will send a photo The first chance I get.

Mike B.


September 2012 Chris – the socks I ordered just arrive. OMG – VERY NICE looking. I will try a pair out today on a run. If they perform as good as they look, I have a new sock source no matter what! I am an ultra distance runner, so I go through lots of socks and shoes! Keep those 70-% off deals coming – if these work out, I’ll be doing lots more bizz with you.

Ron R.


June 2012 Love the socks…thank you for the extras.

Anton R.


June 2012 Love the socks they look great and fit fantastic. I’ll wear mine for biking, running, and for work. Most likely I’ll order more once my son sees them. Great price and fast delivery. Thank you, I’ll recommend you to my friends.

Ed B


April 2012 I believe it was Chris who signed the receipt in my order. I placed and order for 5 pair of your gray socks and was surprised to see that I received 5 extra pair and another extra pair with your logo on them. This was all after I received a 60% discount on the original 5 pair. I just wanted to THANK YOU guys for your awesome customer service. The discount was enough and the extra socks are greatly appreciated. I will spread the word about the quality of your socks and your customer service.

Mike C.


March 2012 Got the last order and one ride in before the family pilfered them all leaving me barefoot! 🙂 Love ’em!

Jeff A.


January 2012 Just received my four pairs Great socks! But I NEED honey badger! he’s badass and he dont care! “Socks are like eyeglasses, if you have to wear them, they should be funky!” ,…that’s my quote feel free to use it! haha

George O.


September 2011 Thankyou very much, the socks arrived yesterday, and they are sensational… As soon as you get you site up and running with Australian postage I will forward it onto my cycling buddies.

Thanks again for your help and looking after me with the special deal.. I will be purchasing from you guys again.


Sue Y.


September 2011 yes I love them! I would definitely want to get more. Right now I’m asking a few friends if they would like to buy them so that we can just buy all at one time. I will keep you posted. I have your email and phone#. Please keep my contact info on your end.

Chau N.


September 2011 RE: PS: what do you do with all these socks? I teach indoor cycling. When I start a new program or upgrade a one hour class into a two hour class I give the first group to go through it a pair of socks for being guinea pigs. I also give them away to newbees and as incentive gifts to continuing participants.



January 2011 As I mentioned, I did receive my socks yesterday. I was struck first by the designs; they’re funny and adorable! Nothing says exercise like a girl in a martini glass.

But the best part is–and you’ll be glad to hear this–is how well they work. I’m a big fan of polypro socks, and wasn’t sure if CoolMax could compete. (Your prices, thankfully, made it possible for me to try.) But they did in fact perform just as well, and particularly well in wet/cold conditions when doubled up, which is the best way to wear socks during a Wisconsin winter anyway!

So once again, thank you so very much for helping me with my order. I’m glad you were willing to work with me as just couldn’t be more pleased with my new socks, so much so that I’ve even posted a couple of tweets about them. It’s a good bet, I think, that you can expect another order from me in the future.

Wishing you all the best–



December 2010 Thanks for the great customer service. Your product is a great value.

Have a great and successful New Year,

Rich H.


August 2010 The socks look really great & I got alot of compliments on them.

Lance J.


December 2000 I just received my delivery containing 10 pairs of socks. Prior to placing my order, I had quality concerns based primarily on price. As a large man, one size fits all is usally a sign that one size fits none. I started writing this email before I tried on your socks. I thought that I might as well see if they fit before completing the email. Your socks fit better than most of your competitors socks. I hope to see additional new designs in the future, I would like to see other phrases similar to “try to keep up”. I will be ordering again.

Best regards,



December 2009 These socks are so comfortable, I wear them every day to work!

O’Brien F.


November 2009 Thank you so much for the socks and they are great. They came out perfect.

Mike M.


September 2009 Just to let you know, my guys LOVED the socks. They are excited to wear them in our first meet tomorrow.

Thanks again for everything!

Eric C.


September July 2009 LOVE THE SOCKS…:)

Anton R.


Saturday, 25 July 2009 I have purchased your socks and REALLY like them. They are comfortable and fit well. My husband is now wearing them too. I’ve also mentioned them to several of my friends.

Tuesday, 30 December 2008 I will continue to buy from you as I have yet to find a more comfortable pair of socks for the price that you offer them at.

Wednesday, 02 April 2008 Got my socks yesterday; very quick delivery from one coast to another as usual!
They work!
Not only do I wear these with my bike shoes but I always wear them to work now as well, they just work so well at keeping my feet dry.

a dozen+ ought to keep me going for the summer 🙂 no more comments or orders for awhile. BTW, I’m not tootin’ up a storm, I really do wear them to work, I work freight during the overnight (an after retirement job to keep me out of trouble) and it’s bull work and I’ll be 52 this year. You sweat like a swine, even during NH winters and they really do work wonders for my feet with a pair of Merrells or Tevas, and of course……..with a pair of Specialized Tahoes.


Fri, 29 Feb. 2008 Got my socks today and it was so appropriate since I picked up my new Trek 7.5 FX today and put it right on the trainer. They are very comfortable and wick great!


Mon, 07 Aug. 2007 I ordered and received 100 pairs of custom socks and I just love them. Delivery was fast, and the product is great. They are by far the most comfortable socks I have ever worn. Great job.

Clint, Cyclesport, inc.

Tue, 6 Jun 2006

“I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you that I have purchased 2 pairs of socks from you and I am happy to say that I am very pleased with them. I am also very satisfied with how fast you got them to me. I do alot of Mtn. Biking and I have felt a big difference in how much cooler my feet are after a ride. Thank you very much. I will be a customer for life. I will spread the word about NLZ.”


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